I’m Probably Doing this Wrong

Here’s a random picture of me smiling really big while teaching an online marketing training using my oily computer. Massage Therapist problems.

It’s cool you ended up on my website. What’s the polite thing to say in this situation? Do I say like… “welcome to my website?”… I don’t know. The internet is a weird place.

I’m a goofball, dog mom, marketing coach, retired massage therapist & yoga teacher and musician.

I create and sell things & encourage and teach other people how to create and sell things in a way that doesn’t feel shitty, or smarmy, or boring.

You’ll notice as you click through my site, that the purpose of basically everything that’s on this bad boy is to get you to give me your email address.

The reason is that that’s how we’re going to stay in touch and how I’ll be able to continue to send you stuff about the cool shit I’m learning/doing.

So just give me your email and get that out of the way, then go through the site and take all the free information/content as you possibly can. It’s in both of our best interest. 

Talk soon. 



Ryan and I teaching a bunch of our Rabbit Hole students about marketing while simultaneously having a tea party because… why not?
Screenshot from the Online Marketing training video – “Pillow Money Castle”

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Oh and here’s some nice stuff people said about me and my emails.

I’m really looking forward to getting your emails. I think you’re a brilliant teacher and business owner. The other day you did an RTV about being an entrepreneur which I appreciated soooo much. I’m having a tough time prioritizing and organizing my time and this is really getting in my way. You also mentioned your “constants” which was a great pearl of wisdom — been thinking about this since you posted it. It’s been a breakthrough I never expected. Very grateful. By this time next week I plan to post my first youtube video and paypal link like you and Ryan discussed in the $5 video. Looking forward to “buying more of your shit” lolololol.

Lisa Woititz

Your emails are dope and honest reminders that it takes work and it’s okay. And you are a constant inspiration to rip open my views of reality and tear my dreams right out of my fucking subconscious and into reality…

-Cora Holt

I open them!! Your perspective is fresh, and different. You are much younger than I…. but keep it coming.


Great email, Kass! I’ve learned SO MUCH from you and Ryan so far and it’s emails like this that keep pushing me to do the work and create the life of my dreams! This entire email spoke to me, especially this part – “you have to start making moves… like, now. They will be imperfect and it will be fine.” You’re amazing! And thank you for everything!! xoxo Carin

-Carin Carvalho